I’ve spied some images on Pinterest this week that have caused me to do a big yawn and get heavy eyelids – they weren’t boring but they were so incredibly comfy looking that I just wanted to crawl right into bed. I’m sure your all dead bored of me banging on about all the wonderful things I want to do to this house but it’s a current obsession of mine that I just can’t let go.

We’ve recent made a list of all the things that need doing to the house and it’s really really REALLY long, infact there are so many things that need doing quite quickly that we’ve had to bump our bedroom right down to the bottom. It’s such a beautiful, big room with massively high ceilings but currently it’s only redeemings features are our new bed, the gorgeous fireplace and the huge windows.

The carpet is so coarse that I keep my slippers by the bed so I don’t have to put my bare feet on it. Basically it’s not the grown up sanctuary it should be and I don’t really enjoy being in there at the moment, but even though the makeover is still about a year away I’ve already started imagining my (ummm I mean ‘our’) dream bedroom.

In a word… bliss. I don’t want clutter or bright colours in this space, just calm colours and essential items. The white and blue combination is deliciously fresh and I’m loving the white floors. I’m very tempted to paint our floorboards white in ours and Frankie’s room – it looks so lovely and clean!

Yum, more crisp, clean colours. The pile of cushions on the bed makes it seriously inviting and once again the pale floorboards are a winner. As we’ve got a Victorian terrace we’re blessed with lovely high ceilings so a big light similar to the one above would be spot on.

This is 50% inspiring and 50% everything I hate in room, but I adore the pictures above the bed so I had to include it! I’m really, seriously, hugely, majorly(!!!) not a fan of the blinds or the low bed. I like to lay high off the ground for seem reason it seems more luxurious!?

More floorboards and more high ceilings – can you see a pattern forming? I love the lights under the shelves and the sheer size of the bed. Oddly enough the radiator is my favourite part, I’d love to go through the house and replace all the modern radiators with ones that are more sympathetic to age of our house.

Lastly something completely different… Every now and then I fantasise about having enough money to buy a house with a bedroom just for me! I wouldn’t sleep in it at night but wouldn’t it be lush to have somewhere to go just to get away from everyone else. Just to read a book or have a cup of tea. The photo above looks perfect. Pink – Check. Fresh – Check. Comfy- Check. A girl can dream!

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7 Thoughts on “Inspired: A Sanctuary

  1. I love the bottom two rooms- they are beautiful!  Next house I want wooden floorboards! x

  2. They are all so lovely, I love how they are so bright and airy looking. x

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