Georgiana at 1 month

A month a go today our second beautiful baby girl came into the world and I don’t think anything could of prepared us for the month that has followed. When we bought her home that evening I didn’t expect to be taking her back 10 days later and not returning home for another 10 days after that.


I thought I would now be writing about her particular little expressions and the beginnings of a personality emerging. Instead we are just beginning to spend proper time with Georgie and it’s only now that I can say she really feels like ‘ours’.


But in times of crisis (I’m aware that sounds melodramatic but for us it really was) you realise how lucky you are. And Georgiana must be one of the luckiest girls I know! Although I can barely tell you a thing about her expressions or quirks I can say that she is blessed with an adoring sister, a caring family and two parents who feel like the richest people alive.


So here’s to her second month – a new year, and a fresh start for our little family.


3 thoughts on “Georgiana at 1 month

  1. She is so gorgeous. Sorry to hear that it’s been a scary and traumatic start, but here’s hoping the path is smooth from hereon in – best wishes to the four of you for a fantastic 2013 and beyond xxx

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