Georgiana : Two Months Old



You seem to of managed to fit so much in to this last 8 and a half weeks that it could easily of be so much longer than 2 months.

Your health took another dip in mid January and it scared us so much again. It was just a horrible stomach bug but your teeny body didn’t cope with it at all well. You ended up back in hospital for the night and got yourself very stressed. Thankfully a few days on Dioralyt and no milk fixed you up, but frustratingly you lost weight again.

We had to stop breastfeeding at the end of last week. I expressed the whole time you were in hospital in December and I managed to express a few bottles while you had your stomach bug this month but by the time you were allowed milk again you’d completely lost interest in latching on. I think you were so tired from being poorly that you just didn’t have the energy to try hard for milk and the bottle was an easier option. I wish I had the time to express for you but we’re already not going to bed until midnight without adding something else to do to the list. You seem very happy on formula though and I’m sure you’ll start gaining weight now you’ve got these nasty bugs out of the way.

At the moment you’re 9lb and finally fitting in to newborn clothes! I think we’ll pack away the last of your tiny baby bits this week. It’s made me pretty sad to say goodbye to these clothes as they weren’t only your first baby bits but your sisters too! I don’t think we’ll ever need to get those boxes out again so it’s a pretty special box to pack away.

We had you’re 6 week review and you are slightly behind developmentally, but every thinks you should catch up by 6 months.┬áThis week you started properly smiling but Francesca gets the best ones by far! She tries so hard to make you grin and loves having you laid out on her lap for cuddles. You’re so lucky to have such a loving big sister.

You should of had your first jabs yesterday but due to a mess up at the clinic they’ve been postponed, secretly I was pretty glad to put off watching you get jabbed with a needle!

Thank you for another wonderful month…

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