This might sound weird but I probably felt more nervous naming my babies than giving birth to them. Seriously. The idea that we’d get it wrong or end up naming them something stupid petrifies me. I think my parents did pretty well… they had three girls so had to think up three girls names that together and apart sounded good. They ended up with Bryony, Sofie and Hope – all of us like our names now (although Hope isn’t a big fan of being called Hopey!) and although I had a fair few people mistake my name for others (a special shout out to a boss who had me on the rota as ‘Bronwin’ for 3 months) I’m happy with it.

When we found out our first baby was going to be a girl we started a list of potential names… well we tried. I don’t think the list actually got anywhere until I was about 35 weeks pregnant when we added Georgina, Francesca and Beatrix to the list. As my Nanny passed away while I was pregnant I was keen to have her name incorporated so Jean Elizabeth was firmly her middle name. We knocked Beatrix off the list pretty swiftly as I’m referred to as B alot we didn’t want two of us ;) So it was a toss up between Georgina and Francesca and we decided…. on Georgina. Really, honestly and truly. 100% decided on Georgina Jean Elizabeth Barry. Then when I was 37 weeks pregnant I really suddenly went off it, I pretty much went from loving it to hating it over night.

I could see this super dark haired little girl, with chocolate eyes and, eventually, wild curls in my head and I said to Dean if that’s what we had then she needed a cheeky name to go with her cheeky look. Almost as soon as she was born the student midwife asked what her name was and when we saw this dark haired beauty looking up at us we knew we had a Francesca.
frankie name

Our second babies name was harder. I was convinced that this baby that was giving me major issues was a boy, no way could a girl cause this much of a stir… so it was a massive shock when the sonographer told us she was a girl. I remained pretty unsure until our private scan where we could see for sure that we had a girl, no extras! We’d already picked our boys name (which were keeping schtum about just incase!) but hadn’t bothered thinking of girls names. For weeks we tried to think of something that went with Frankie but couldn’t think about a thing. I ended up goggling italian names and came up with a few I liked: Valentina and Theodora being my favourites. Dean wasn’t keen on either so we left the first name alone for a bit and tried to think up a middle name.

The day I found out I was pregnant with Frankie was the same day as a Spurs vs Arsenal game. Dean’s a big time Spurs fan and while I tried to calm myself down Dean watched the football, during the game Danny Rose scored the winning goal against Arsenal and we joked that if we had a boy he’d be Danny and if we had a girl it’d be Rose. If my Nanny hadn’t passed away I reckon that would of been Frankie’s middle name but we still loved it two years later so decided on it for Baby 2!

By this point I’d decided to try to bring Dean round to the idea of Theodora, I loved the shortening Teddy and thought it sounded good with Frankie. Within a week of starting my Theodora campaign Robbie Williams named his daughter Theodora and I couldn’t stand the idea of people thinking we’d named our baby after his! Back to the drawing board: Agnes, Georgina, Lillian and Felicity all made it on to the list but nothing sound right. I ended up putting Theodora in to one of those ‘similar to…’ search engines and Georgiana came up. I liked it, Dean liked it… and this time I didn’t change my mind last minute!

georgie name

I haven’t doubted my babies names for a second! Frankie and Georgie sound perfect together… it’s like they were made for each other. And I like to think they look like their names. Frankie is cheeky and a bit wild, whereas Georgie is more delicate and soft. I’m not sure why but it just makes sense to me. Did you have a hard time naming your babies? Do you wish you could pick a different name for yourself?

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  1. Georgie on March 25, 2013 at 10:10 pm said:

    I personally think Georgie is a great name ;) although I’m sure, like me, she’ll go through phases in her life being fed up with Georgie-Porgie-Pudding-n-Pie but aside from that it’s a great name! Your Frankie suits her name too and I love your little Frankie-pants nickname for her – adorable. You guys did a great job with names! x

    • Bryony on March 25, 2013 at 10:23 pm said:

      I must of liked the Georgie’s I already knew ;) I try SO hard not to call her Georgie Porgie but it’s so hard… I also have to physically restrain myself from calling Frankie ‘Frankie Wanky’! Haha x

  2. I love your names! Georgina was on our shortlist for Joni. What we found strange was that we had a boy and girl name picked out when Joni was born, but when I was pregnant with Wilbur we didn’t feel like we could use the boys name we had for Joni so had to come up with another.

    Also – I love my name! Haha!

    • Bryony on March 25, 2013 at 10:21 pm said:

      I love your babies names! I know what you mean about ‘recycling’ a name, that’s why I couldn’t commit to Georgina for Georgie… so I basically just whacked an ‘A’ in ;)

  3. I never expected Dylan to be Dylan although it was one of our final three – in my head he would be Leo but when he was born he was just dylan. No questions and we both agreed straight away. With Archie it took us four days to come up with a name and it wasn’t easy! I am dreading another boy as I am pretty sure he would be nameless for 6 weeks! I think your girls definitely suit their names though x

  4. I’m totally with you on the nerves at picking the right name. It’s such a big responsibility. And both times I could believe they just let you make such a big decision on your own.
    When we had the little man, we had had three girls names picked out, two of which went off of pretty fast. So before we even got pregnant the second time we already had a girls name picked out. Then a certain Mr Beckham and his wife went and used it for their daughter and all of a sudden it was firmly off the list. Grrrr, damned celebrities! Although I’m glad of it now, as I love my little lady’s name so much more. And my little man’s name too.
    And your girls names are gorgeous, and definitely suit them completely. I totally interpret their names the same way you do, and that definitely seems to suit the two of them. X

  5. Hello, I’m Charlotte and I JUST DIED OF CUTENESS. I love both of their names and I also enjoy the boyish touch to the shortened versions – it’s so lovely. And how grown-up is Frankie looking? I think both of your girls will turn out to be gorgeous, dark-haired beauts. xxx

  6. Gorgeous girls and gorgeous names – I really couldn’t see them as anything else, their names really suit them, well done you! xx

  7. I love the naming process, researching names and trying out different combinations. But it’s also very scary and so final. Arlo’s name wasn’t concrete until after we’d met him, and I’m pretty sure it will be the same this time round, but I feel like we’ve made better progress than we did first time round when we really hadn’t narrowed down our girls’ choices at all.

  8. I definitely had a hard time choosing a name! I think i will steal this idea from you if you don’t mind and post about how we found Sienna’s name!? xx

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