My Toddler Girl

Things have been far from easy for my big girl this past few months. She’s gone from being the centre of all her families universe to sharing the limelight with her little sister. She’s started nursery and made me unbelievably proud by taking it in her stride. She’s developed interests and can list her favourite things. She’s just amazing…

my girl 01

She’s massively in to Disney films at the moment, especially anything with good songs. She knows all the words (or atleast makes up awesome alternatives) and loves to sit on the sofa singing along. This is genuinely a picture of her mid way through ‘Mother Knows Best’ from Tangled… God I love her!

my girl 02

This girl is in to hats in a big way. It was beautiful weather at the zoo a few weekends ago but she had to wear her fleece hat. She also has a straw hat, a cowboy hat, numerous crowns and full access to my hats. Lucky girl.

my girl 03

Baking, cooking, actually anything that involves stirring and being allowed to put the oven on is top of Frankie’s weekend activities. I love baking with her.

my girl 04

More singing… more Tangled ;)

my girl 05

I love how much she loves Georgie. She’s definately realised that she’s here to stay and has become a teeny bit jealous but she still adores her. It’s beautiful to watch!

my girl 06

Princess Francesca. She’s convinced she’s a Princess and I’m more than happy to play along. She spends around 90% of her time in her ‘pretty skirt’ that my Aunt bought her and loves to ‘swish’.

my girl 07

Just look her… Beaut!

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  • Frankie is gorgeous Bryony- she is growing up so quick as is Mads, I can’t believe it. But aren’t they at a good age? Bar the odd tantrum, Mads is just a delight at the moment. A tiring delight! ;) x

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