Six. Months. Old. How did that happen? How is it possible that half a year has passed since you came in to the world? I already can’t imagine life before you were here and I know your Daddy and sister feel the same way. 

You have become a proper little person the past month: you babble, blow raspberries, grab things, laugh (alot) and have a favourite toy. You seem to of blossomed from a static newborn to a real little girl with a fabulous personality. I don’t think I’ve ever meet a happier baby, you’re rarely without a smile and your brilliant giggle is infectious. More than once I’ve walked in to the room to find you and your sister in hysterics for no apparent reason, it’s just amazing.

The nights aren’t quite as fantastic as the days yet. You are perfectly content and tend to go down without any qualms but we’re yet to have a proper full night of sleep. I think your longest stretch was 7 hours back when you were 3 months old. At the moment a normal night sees you going down at 7 waking at midnight, and again at 5 before (sometimes) going back to sleep for an hour or so. It’s pretty exhausting but thankfully you’re easy to settle. 

This month we introduced you to the wonderful world of weaning and just like your sister you love it. Even though baby led weaning worked with Fran you don’t quite have the hand eye co-ordination for it yet so we are sticking with purees. Some of your favourites are banana and spinach, and as with most babies you’re a sucker for sweet potato. We started on 3 meals a day this week and you are a more content little lady for it.

And lastly you’ve started sitting up, it’s amazing to watch – you look so much more grown up when your swaying about on your bum. It’s hard to believe that in this time again we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. Here’s to another fabulous month…


2 Thoughts on “Georgiana: Six Months Old

  1. Time is going far too quickly- I wish it would slow down a bit. G is so beautiful.

  2. Gosh, hasn’t that six months gone fast! She is just beautiful x

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