Way back in June I headed off for a weekend without my little family, a weekend in London, a weekend about blogging, a weekend with some of my favourite people in the world… Britmums Live 2013!

This was a big deal for me, if you’ve read my blog before you might know about some bad ass anxiety that’s really got to me since Georgiana was poorly, this was the first time I’d left her since then. Apart from the nights Dean did the overnight shifts in hospital this was my first time away from her and I was panicking.

On the Friday morning I took some deep breaths, left my babies with family and headed off to the train station. Thankfully my gorgeous friend Alice was there to meet me (with train Champagne!) and the weekend started.

The Friday was a blur of meeting amazing people, cocktails, wine, pizza, hugs, tears and wonderful. I didn’t make any sessions but just spent the time talking to people I usually only exchange 140 characters with. I fell in to bed happy and excited for the next day.

20130731-100531.jpg 20130731-100537.jpg
On the Saturday I made the effort to attend lots of sessions, on reflection I’ve had mixed feelings about them. I found some fantastic and informative, but others felt a little disjointed and went off track quickly. I think splitting sessions in to beginner/intermediate/advanced etc would make a massive difference.

Nothing prepared me for the emotional roller coaster that was the Keynotes. I laughed and cried more than I have in a long time. It completely summed up why I love blogging so much, it’s not just about individual blogs – it’s about a group of like minded people coming together. The tribute to Kerry was just beautiful and I felt so proud to be in that room full of people singing along to Katy Perry.

Then it was time to say goodbye, I actually could of cried when Charlotte left – I am so happy I finally got to meet her. It was also tough to say bye to Steph, Alison and countless others.

I headed back to my hotel emotional, exhausted but most importantly so so so happy. I couldn’t of asked for a better weekend and although I missed my babies more than ever it was lovely to spend some time on my own that evening. I had a shower, put my pjs on, ordered room service, drank wine and watched a crap film. And in the morning I even managed to have tea and biscuits in peace. Perfect.

I would just love to say a huge thank you to Kaleidoscope for making this weekend possible for me, you can read about their wonderfullness here!

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