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A few months ago I received a really exciting email, me and Georgiana had been invited along to The Baby Show to meet the 2011 apprentice winner Tom Pellereau. He was getting ready to launch his brand new baby invention and wanted to show it off to a few Mum’s first, we had no idea what the invention was but couldn’t wait to find out.

tom pellaru nipper clipper

On the day we were introduced to Tom (nicest guy ever…. seriously!) and he was quick to show us his new product. He had come up with something seriously simple but hugely clever, a safe but effective baby nail clipper… the Nipper Clipper! I’ll admit that I was underwhelmed at first but once I was handed the clipper and asked to give it a go on Georgie’s nails I was hugely impressed. It’s grim but we’ve always resorted to cutting the girls nails with our teeth (!?!) as the combination of a wriggling baby and a sharp nail cutter isn’t always pleasant. Even worse is when you use the nearly blunt clippers which barely make an impression on the nail.


Some genius ideas have been included in the Nipper Clipper: the curved shape of the actual clipper means it’s easy to fit over baby’s nail and the ‘spy hole’ over the clipper means you can aim precisely and avoid catching the end of your little one’s fingers. My favourite part of Nipper Clipper is the free ‘distraction app’ that you can download on to your iPad or iPhone. Frankie has happily played along with Timmy Tickle while I’ve cut her nails and Georgiana is captivated by the bright colours in the app and remains still on my lap. 

You can buy a Nipper Clipper here for £9.99. Luckily I’ve been given 3 Nipper Clipper’s to give away so scroll down to enter! Good luck!!!

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18 thoughts on “Giveaway: Nipper Clipper

  1. Tom would have gotten along with Steve Jobs, see a product which could be made better with simple changes and make them, I remember my parents and other family having trouble with normal clippers when family / friends children were little.

    The idea behind the ‘spy window’ is ingenious and one of those ‘why has no one else done this’ features!

  2. Something to get cradle cap off in one application that doesnt involve soaking your babies head in oil or combing it out harshly with one of those awful scratchy baby combs…

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  4. I would invent a a car seat system that would let you put the child in the car seat outside the car, then the system slides back into the car and clicks in place, without me having to lean in over to buckle in the child at awkward angles. I have a bad back.

  5. I NEED to stop reading that as ‘nipple clipper’. But now I can’t unsee it!!!

    I would obviously invent something to make our babies sleep as long as we wanted them to xx

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