gee 9 months


You are three quarters of the way through your first year. Still our tiny baby but so grown up too. You are catching up with your big sister now in terms of size and you really are the spitting image of her at your age.

You’re a proper cheeky chops now, a constant line of dribble lives between your chin and bib. I can see two more teeth trying to make there way through at the top but no new ones yet. I think your teeth are the cause for the lack of sleep we are ALL experiencing. Last month I was starting to think we had sleeping through in the bag but in the past few weeks you’ve started sleeping terribly. Some nights you wake up 3 or 4 times and we had a week where you woke up for the day at 5am. None of us were in a very good mood.

I think the poor sleep and toothy pegs have meant you’ve had a chilled month. You’ve taken a month off from your quick development (I don’t blame you – just watching you change was exhausting!) and have cruised through this month. I can see you are desperate to be getting around more. You constantly try to stand up, you can just about pull yourself up but haven’t quite figured out how to move from side to side yet. You are perfecting one foot in front of the other when in your walker though and love to chase your sister through the playroom in it! 

This month you’ve got in to EVERYTHING! We’ve had to cover the living room fireplace with a toy box and I spend all day grabbing stuff out of your hands that you’re not quite big enough for yet. 

Food is the biggest area of change this month. You now eat lunch all on your own. I think you’re favorite is Marmite sandwiches, sliced apple and rice cakes. Francesca loves having the same meals as you and it’s lovely to watch you enjoying food together. For breakfast you inhale a Weetabix and half a banana, and for dinner you love anything with mini pasta stars.

It is such a pleasure to watch you develop from a baby in to a toddler but the speed you’re growing scares me so much. No matter what anyone says I think you’ll always be my tiny baby.

3 Thoughts on “Georgiana: Nine Months Old

  1. wow can’t believe how grown up she looks

  2. NO! I refuse to accept that these little people are growing up. 9 Months already??!!! Gorgeous little bubba! xx

  3. She really is changing from a baby to a toddler now but I know what you mean and I am refusing to let Archie grow up. I would keep him in sleepsuits all day if I could get away with it! x

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