At the beginning of the year I wrote about having a calm 2014 and so far I think we are doing pretty well. Two months in and we are yet to have a crisis, although discovering our 2 year old sofa was slowly dying on us came close. We have even managed to do some pretty big jobs in our house (with lots of help from my Dad!) like finally take down our broken, dirty wooden blinds and replace them with beautiful double layered curtains in the living room, and update the shoddym dangerous looking lights in our kitchen. Very exciting!

We’ve got a really busy month coming up in March; birthday parties, a weekend away for me and Frankie, and the girls first holiday without us. I thought it’d be a good idea to have something happy to look at when things are getting a bit hectic… so here is our first 2 months of 2014!


Frankie and Dean painting / Georgie giggles at music club / Midway through taking up the new curtains / Brand new hair for me! / Prosecco fuelled gossiping with a lovely friend / My girls having a cuddle

Georgie’s crazy Bam Bam hair / More smiles from the smallest / Popcorn and tea / Homemade bird feeders courtesy of Fran / Gingerbread men / Valentine’s Day crafting

Cuddles with my best girls / Preschool run funtimes / My Frankiepants Dancing Queen / Wine wine wine / A familiar sight – G’s #floordinner / Umm more wine!

More dancing! / Finally blue skies / Small people dinner parties / Mantle piece / Helping a friend / Poached eggs heaven

Lunch date in a tearoom / Sausage sandwiches / Pretty lunchtimes / Bathtime thug kids / Francesca’s beautiful writing / Banana cake

Baking butterscotch cupcakes / Changing bag essentials / My favorite people / Morning Francesca cuddles / A chilly preschool run / My gorgeous posing big girl

Roll on the next 10 months!


2 Thoughts on “2014 Instagrammed

  1. Enjoying my appearance!!

  2. Looks like a great start to 2014. Not good news about the sofa though! And loving your hair, I noticed it on your twitter pic before. A fringe suits you. I just had mine cut back in today actually. x

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