When Georgiana joined the clan at the end of 2012 we had to make a few changes to our arsenal of baby gear. Francesca got some upgrades in the form of a new bed, an awesome car seat and lots of ‘big girl’ toys. One of the things I wasn’t massively pleased about changing was our pushchair. We had just got to the point where we rarely used our umbrella pushchair and I wasn’t looking forward to forking out for a new tandem beast to accommodate both our girls.

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We ended up buying a Phil & Teds Classic Sport with the second seat attachment and it’s actually served us very well, although it’s the ugliest things I’ve ever had the misfortune to spend over £500 on! So when a lovely company contacted me recently and offered us a little something to ‘pimp our ride’, I obviously didn’t delay in saying ‘yes please’! I am usually quite dubious of 100% positive reviews but I promise you I have been totally honest, I just think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever been sent!

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The company that came to my pushchair style rescue was Baby Chic Designs, a company set up by Australian Mama Lauren Southerner. She kindly sent us a beautiful Univeral Pram Liner in her blue bird design, and as an extra bonus we were treated to a set of Stroller Hooks too!

First and foremost the pram liner was sent in the most beautiful packaging, I wouldn’t hesitate to send this to a friend as a unique new baby gift. The liner is 100% cotton and extremely soft to the touch, it’s also double sided so if the printed design isn’t to your liking (or could do with a clean!) then you can just flip it over to the insanely gorgeous velour side. We had an incident with an exploding packet of rice cakes in the pushchair recently, it was very easy to just pull the liner out of the seat and shake everything away before putting it back in all whilst holding Georgiana on my hip.

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The best thing about the liner is that it’s universal… Yup, it fits any 3 or 5 point safety harness! I have used it in a Group1 carseat (after a particular bad car sickness episode), umbrella pushchair, both seats of the tandem pushchair and a Mama’s and Papa’s travel system. It has fit each and every seat easily and without any fuss. The velcro keeps everything in place within the seat and the beautiful ribbons tie on to the bars of a pushchair or top of a carseat in order to hold it upright. It is honestly one of the most versatile baby items I’ve owned.

The stroller hooks are also the best I’ve tried. We’ve had soft plastic hooks, lockable karabiners and net bags that attach straight to the pushchair, all of them have had there faults though. We are yet to find a problem with our Baby Chic ones, they easily attach to the padded handle on our Phil & Teds and don’t slip around unlike some, they are fully adjustable so fit any one bar handle. I would love to see them produce something similar for two handle pushchair!

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All in all I am so happy to of found Baby Chic designs, presents for all my pregnant friends are sorted forever! Some of the other products I’ve got my eye on are the bumper bar and strap covers – nothing I love more than matching accessories! I only wish I’d found them sooner as I’m in love with their Infant Head Hugger… So cute and useful.

Have a look at Baby Chic Designs, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Baby Chic Designs for sending us the products mentioned in this review… as per usual I didn’t recieve payment and all opinions are 100% my own.

7 Thoughts on “Review: Baby Chic Designs accessories

  1. I love the bird design, very cute x

  2. Great idea! Especially for brightening up and changing the appearance of boring, plain coloured pushchairs x

  3. I loved my Phil and Ted’s when I had numbers two and three in the pushchair at the same time… those hooks look great, we used karabiners as the plastic ones broke too many times [usually in the middle of the road!!]

  4. What a lovely print! It’s fresh, very modern and not at all cutesy.

  5. These look good. I have a Babyjogger City Mini GT and bought another, quite popular pushchair seat accessory that became the bane of my life in Winter. So pretty but so ungainly and slippy. I’ll be looking at these next!

  6. ooh I love that print! Even suits your blog design ha! Really lovely x

  7. That is very nicely pimped!! Love the blue with the bird design – gorgeous!

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