The little tiny baby I gave birth to nearly 3 and a half years ago has recently become a real, proper person. Francesca has recently developed a personality that has us laughing to our sides hurt, fuming with rage and smiling 99% of the time. She is witty and clever, and has a huge array of interests. I am so scared that one day I’ll try to remember a little snippet of her at this age and I won’t be able to recall anything. She is developing so quickly, so I feel it’s time to store some of her ‘isms’.


Her tendency to over use the word ‘really’. Fran has taken to adding an extra word on to any sentence that contains a request, for example “I think I need a packet of crisps Mummy, really” and “It’s not dark outside so I probably shouldn’t go to bed, really”. It’s a totally nonsensical way of talking that she totally pulls off.

Her kickass style. Our darling big girl has always had a ‘thing’ for accessories, you rarely see her without a handbag (oh which she has many… far too many!) or random headpiece. It might not always be the most practical thing for a toddler to tote, she recently spent an entire session at music club wearing a bicycle helmet, but she knows what she wants to wear and she goes for it. Getting dressed in the morning can take some serious time as she likes to choose her own outfits… pink Frozen t-shirt, pink spotty tutu over skinny jeans, pink hightops and pink cowboy hat was a recent outfit of the day.


Her love of all things ‘Happyland’. Our girls are very lucky with the amount of toys they have. Christmas and Birthdays (and random Tuesdays) are sometimes a bit overwhelming but we try to keep toys on rotation so that they never get bored and appreciate everything they have. However the big box of Happyland that they’ve accumulated gets dragged out in the playroom every single day. Fran has her favourite people who are regular laid out for a sleepover or set up in a conga line, and the Happyland treehouse is the scene for many toy weddings, toy playdates and toy arguments!


Her ever changing feelings towards Georgiana. Some days these sisters are thick as thieves, they play delightfully together and Francesca tells me hundreds of times just how much she loves ‘Narna’ (a nickname that unfortunately for Georgie has stuck). Other days I can’t leave them alone together for 2 minutes without an almighty hair pulling fight breaking out. But some things never change, every single morning Georgiana is the first person Fran wants to see and every night they have a goodnight kiss and ‘love you’. Heart melting I tell you!

Her lists. Most afternoons when Georgie goes down for a nap Francesca asks for some paper and a special pen (a biro… I’m not sure why she’s so enamoured by them but I’m just going with it), and she writes me some lists. Obviously they are lots of lines of squiggles, with a random readable ‘F’ or ‘E’ but afterwards she sits me down and tells me all the things she’s written about. Usually we get a lists of friends, dinners she likes and her favourite films. It makes me laugh because they are so consistent, they are always the same friends, dinners and films. She sure does know her own mind.

I flipping love this kid!

8 Thoughts on “Things about Francesca

  1. Georgie on April 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm said:

    What a cutie! Loving her style – wish I could pull off a tutu and jeans! She looks so like a proper little woman these days, and a gorgeous one at that :) you’ve created some beauts, that’s for sure x

  2. ahh she sounds so sweet! So different from Theo in many ways! I love her little lists with her special pen, you should keep one and remind her of it when she’s older!

  3. Aw how lovely! It can be scary sometimes thinking we won’t remember them so small! Blogging is a great way to remember it x

  4. aw, she sounds like a real cutie ;)

  5. Such a sweet update, I totally love the lists, F has started to do that too. So cute! x

  6. Aww, so lovely – I especially love the ‘threes’ when their personality really shines through :)

  7. This is so lovely! I know you’re really busy but love reading your posts :-) x

  8. I adore this post! I think my E is the same age as Francesca – I recognise a lot of similarities! 3 is such a fun age xx

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